Maintenance Sprays

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We have a great range of maintenance sprays available online. Our versatile selection includes aerosol cleaners, lubricants, sealers, white grease, protective sprays, treatments & more. They are ideal for cleaning & maintaining surfaces & movable parts in domestic, trade & industrial areas.

Maintenance Sprays

Versatile aerosols

Maintenance sprays are versatile products that allow you to clean, lubricate, seal, protect, or treat surfaces, fixtures, tools, machinery, and more. Whether you have an annoying squeaky chair, a stiff window that you cannot open, a workstation that needs cleaning, or equipment that needs to TLC, we have a great range of products that will ensure top performance and appearance for surfaces and moving parts in domestic, trade, and industrial environments.

Cleaning Aerosols: We have contact cleaning spray, air duster, brake a clutch cleaning spray, deep cleansing foam, sunk unblocker, stainless steel cleaner spray, and all in one maintenance sprays.

Lubricant Aerosols: We have chain and bearing lubricant, white grease spray, mould release lubricant spray, silicone lubricant spray, and all in one maintenance sprays.

Sealer Aerosols: We have bitumen cold joint sealer spray and bitumen sealer spray, and all in one maintenance sprays.

Treatment Aerosols: We have air freshener, vehicle renovation spray, anti-corrosion spray, anti-static spray, belt dressing spray, welding anti-spatter spray, bitumen remover spray, and all in one maintenance sprays.