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Censheen Vehicle Renovation Spray

12 x 400ml
£53.30 (inc VAT)
Special Offer

- High-Quality Vehicle Renovation Spray
- Easy-to-Use and Effective
- 12 X 400ml
- Multi-Surface
Domestic, Commercial and Industrial Applications


Censheen is the perfect all-round vehicle renovating tool! This car renovating spray can be used on practically any hard surface including dashboards, bumpers and plastic trims as well as the softer stuff like vinyl seats and seatbelts.

This cleaning spray is ideal for tradesmen, especially those who may regularly use their vans and trucks for work such as builders, painters and decorators, plasterers, engineers, plumbers and more. Equally though, you can use Censheen on the family car or 4x4 and is great for cleaning up after kids or after a trip to the tip or garden centre!

Censheen comes in boxes of 12 handy 400ml cans, and to find out more about Censheen or any other product in our extensive range, contact our friendly experts on the sales team today.


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