ProSolve Maintenance Spray

£33.45 (ex VAT)

- High-Quality Maintenance Spray Aerosol
- Lubricates, Cleans, Protects and Displaces Moisture
All-in-One Spray 
- 12 X 500ml
- Easy-to-Use
Protects Bare Metals and Galvanised Surfaces.

ProSolve Maintenance Spray Aerosol

Protects. Cleans. Lubricates.

An all-in-one spray which offers versatility across a whole variety of lubrication, protection, and cleaning jobs on a multitude of different surfaces. A superb alternative to WD40 spray. This all-purpose oil and solvent based spray penetrates, lubricates, cleans, protects and displaces moisture.

ProSolve maintenance spray is ideal for many applications. Not only can it prevent seized parts by chemically bonding to metals and reducing friction,  it also cleans, lubricates and protects, reducing or getting rid of rust, grease or dirt.

Pack Size: 12 x 500ml Aerosols





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