WG10+ Premium White Grease Spray

12 x 500ml
£82.08 (inc VAT)
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- High-Quality White Grease Spray
- Long-Lasting 
- 12 X 500ml
- Multi-Purpose Use
- Domestic, Commercial and Industrial Applications


WG10+ is our White Grease blend, and with its cutting-edge blend including PTFE, we think that the search for a long-lasting and effective white grease lubricant is over!

WG10+ is a firm-favourite among a whole variety of domestic, commercial and industrial applications. This includes anti-friction plain bearings, pumping equipment or any other moving piece of machinery that may have had its lubrication efficiency affected by water ingress.

Also suitable for brake linkages, springs, cables and hinges, WG10+ is largely used in the automotive industry as well, not least due to its ability to promote the working life of parts that are regularly exposed to high pressure, vibration or impact stresses.

Available in boxes of 12 easy-to-use 500ml cans, for a white grease that boasts the highest levels of corrosion protection and lubrication, look no further than WG10+. For more information on WG10+, or any other product in our extensive range, contact our friendly experts on the sales team today.


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