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BRAKE! Brake & Clutch Cleaning Spray

12 x 500ml
£57.25 (inc VAT)
Special Offer

- High-Quality Brake & Clutch Cleaning Spray
- Quick and Easy-to-Use
- 12 X 500ml
Domestic, Commercial and Industrial Applications

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Brake! Brake and Clutch cleaner is specially formulated to quickly and safely remove dust, dirt, brake fluid and grease from mechanical parts while leaving the surrounding areas untouched.

Using a combination of fast-evaporating and instant-action solvents, Brake! effectively restores the friction of brake and clutch lining material to give the very best performance, as well as breaking down and preventing the inevitable build-up of grime and grease.

Using Brake! promotes a good service life for vital brake and clutch parts including discs, pads, springs, cylinders and more. Available in boxes of 12 handy 500ml cans, as well as 5ltr and 25ltr bottles, Brake! is the very best cleaner to aid in the lubrication and general maintenance of clutch and brake parts.

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Customer Product Reviews

  • Brake Spray

    chosen by our mechanics, they seem to think its the best.
    price wise, very competitive

  • 25L Clutch maintenance

    Nice and handy in 25L,
    we can buy 6 months worth a forget about it.
    its good stuff too, youll know if you have tried the rest
    Andy Harrison.

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