ProSolve Hi Pro Lube Chain & Bearing Aerosol Lubricant

£40.95 (ex VAT)

- High-Quality Lube Aerosol
- Lubricates and Enhances Chain performance
- Prolongs Chain and Spocket Life
- 12 x 500ml
- Easy-to-Use

ProSolve Hi-Pro Lube Aerosol

Specially Formulated Chain & Bearing Lube

A high-performance chain lubricant which enhances chain performance and prevents lubricant throw off at speed.

If you're looking for a high-quality chain lube that provides smooth gear changes then ProSolve Hi-Pro Lube Aerosol is the perfect solution.

Significantly prolongs chain and sprocket life while also protecting against corrosion.

Pack Size:  12 x 500ml

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