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Prosolve Sink Unblocker Aerosol Kit

12 x 200ml
£175.56 (inc VAT)
Special Offer

- High-Quality Sink Unblocker Aerosol Kit
- Quick, Easy and Safe 
- 12 X 200ml
- Multi-Purpose Use
Domestic, Commercial and Industrial Applications

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ProSolve Sink Unblocker

Removes blockages from sinks and drains without the use of harsh chemicals or bleach

Forming a seal with the unique applicator head (supplied), Prosolve sink unblocker kit uses a quick blast of compressed air from the 200ml canister to take on blockages head-on, returning your sink back to full working order in next to no time and without the wait for slow working chemical reactions to take place.

A handy tool to have around the home or office as well as practically any commercial or industrial environment where sink blockages may occur, Prosolve Sink Unblocker comes in boxes of 12 handy 200ml cans and have an almost unlimited shelf life compared to bottled chemicals that may be prone to expiration or leakage over time.

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