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Foamclens Deep Cleansing Foam Cleaner

12x 500ml
£49.38 (inc VAT)
Special Offer

- Effective, Deep Cleansing Foam Cleaner
- Quickly Removes Grime and Dirt
- No Sticky Residues
- Multi-Surface Use
- 12 X 500ml

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Foamclens anti-static deep-cleaning foam spray is the perfect companion for any domestic, commercial or industrial environment as it effectively yet gently works to lift and remove dust, grease, dirt and grime from surfaces such as cabinets, office furniture, desks and work surfaces.

Foamclens leaves behind nothing but a pleasant fragrance, meaning that there are no sticky residues or splash marks that often result from other more general cleaning products. Whether it is for regular cleaning, or deep-cleaning of surfaces that have accumulated build-up, Foamclens is the perfect product for the job. At the same time, Foamclens is gentle meaning that surfaces are not left damaged by using it.

You can get Foamclens in 12 packs of handy 500ml cans, so to find out more don't hesitate to contact our friendly experts on the sales team today.


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