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ProSolve Sharpliner Line Marking Paint

6 x 600ml / 12 x 600ml (16 Colours)
£63.84 (inc VAT)
Special Offer

  • High-Quality Marker Paint
  • Bright & Highly Pigmented Colours
  • Durable, Long-Lasting, Weather-Resistant Finish
  • Perfect For Indoor & Outdoor Use
  • Use Freehand or With a Line Marking Applicator
  • Suitable For Concrete, Tarmac, Grass, Metal, Wood & More
  • Ideal For Car Parks, Industrial Floors, Playgrounds & Sports Courts
  • Sold in Boxes of 6 or 12 Cans

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Sharpliner Line Marking Paint

Bright, colourful & durable multi-purpose line marker paint

Sharpliner line marking paint produces bright, colourful, crisp and durable lines on a range of surfaces, including concrete, tarmac, asphalt, grass, wood, metal & more. It can be used freehand, in a handheld applicator or in a Sharpliner line marking machine, either for spot marking, survey marking, or to mark out car parks, sports courts, playgrounds, warehouse floors, loading bays, and more.

This bright & colourful marking paint is highly versatile and suitable for use indoors and outdoors. This paint does not wash away in the rain and it will not cause damage to surfaces.

Sharpliner line marking paint comes in boxes of 6 or 12 x 600ml cans. It is available in white, yellow, red, orange, green, black, blue, pink, purple, brown, dark green, gold, grey, magenta, pale blue, and silver. 


Prosolve Sharpliner line marking paint (600ml) colours - RAL numbers:

White RAL9003
Red RAL3020
Magenta RAL3017
Blue RAL5015
Green RAL6024
Black RAL9004
Purple RAL4008
Yellow RAL1003
Orange RAL2003



Customer Product Reviews

  • Sharpliner for fox valley machines

    One of the best alternatives around for fox valley paint, fits our old fox valley machine with no issues, cans are a little tight but they are 100ml bigger, great alternative and a good recommendation while fox valley paint isnt available

  • Sharp liner deluxe

    Bought with the deluxe 4 wheel applicator, the applicator and sharp liner paint are a great combo, was easy to use on our tennis courts with no marking experience, pull the trigger and away you go, results are very professional x

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