Ampere System Line Marking Striper Machine

For Ampere Traffic Paint
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  • Professional Line Marking Striper Machine
  • Designed for Hard Surfaces
  • Robust 4 Wheel line Marking Machine
  • Creates Sharp, Well-Defined Lines
  • Durable & Reliable
  • Great for Roads, Industrial Floors & Sports Grounds


Ampere System Line Marking Striper Machine

Hard surface line marker

This Ampere System line marking machine is designed for use on hard surfaces, to produce crisp, precise lines using aerosol line marking paint. This robust and easy to use line marking machine is ideal for marking out car parks, warehouses, factories, play areas and more.

With its reinforced chassis, the Ampere line marking machine is a robust and hard-wearing piece of line marking equipment. The reinforced design and wide wheels ensure that the line marking machine is stable and sturdy, to produce the straightest, high quality lines. This Ampere line marking machine also has a windscreen to ensure line marking is completed to a high standard even in windy weather. Ampere guarantee their line marking striper machine for 10 years – so if your machine does fail, it will be put right.

Versatile & easy to use

Tackle any line marking challenge

The Ampere line marking striper machine is designed to let anyone line mark their own car park, warehouse, play area etc. without needing to hire a professional; so this line marking machine is packed with features to make line marking as simple as possible. The new aerosol can insert is designed for a quick and easy fit, the adjustable arrow helps to guide the user in a straight line, and the line marking width can be adjusted from 5cm to 12cm, to suit your requirements. The Ampere line marking machine also has an innovative side marker feature, allowing you to get right up to curbs, pallets, edges and walls without compromising the quality of the lines or the line marking machines ease of use.

Please note: Ampere line marking machines are designed only for use with Ampere line marking paint.


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  • Great for the money

    Did a pretty decent job and its cheap as chips !

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