Prosolve Premium Acrylic Line Marking Paint

12 x 750ml (4 Colours)
£74.10 (inc VAT)
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  • Box of 12 x 750ml Aerosol Cans
  • Higher pigment and paint volume % than other leading brands
  • Achieves up to 50m coverage per can
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use
  • Apply freehand or by applicator
  • Perfect for tarmac, concrete, bitumen, paving and more
  • Can be used for car parks, walkways, playgrounds warehouses, factories and stencils


Prosolve Premium Acrylic Line Marking Paint

High-percentage, high-pigment paint

Prosolve premium acrylic line marker paint is high-quality spray with the highest percentage of solid paint content of any linemarker. It is much higher than many other competitor brand, and higher than any other products in the Prosolve range. The density and high-pigmentation of the liquid ensures that your lines and marking are incredibly bright, colourful, and hard-wearing. This premium paint is perfect for hard surfaces, like brick, block, tarmac, and concrete, so it is suitable for a range of applications and it lasts.

This marker paint is easy to use and produces long-lasting marks, shapes, and lines. Whereas many liquid paints need to be diluted and mixed, this spray paint is ready to use. Just shake the can, squeeze the nozzle to mark the ground, walls, posts, glass, metal, and more. You can apply this acrylic paint freehand for quick spot marking and sign spraying, or you can use it with a line marking applicator to produce straight and accurate car park lines, road markings, floor lines, and more. The lines dry quickly once sprayed, as less paint evaporates when drying. This premium acrylic line marker paint is available in vibrant colours, including white, yellow, red, and blue.

Achieves up to 50 linear metres per can of coverage, depending on your application method, surface and line width. For more information on coverages, or to discuss the best option for your line marking job, contact our sales team today for more information.


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