HI-VIS Fluorescent Marker Paint

£42.05 (ex VAT)

- High-Quality Hi-Vis Paint
- Long-Lasting Flourecent Marks and Lines
- 12 X 500ml
Perfect for Marking floors, Walls, Signs, and Objects
- Available in a Range of Colours

Box Size: 12 x 500ml Cans

The Best Hi Vis Paint For The Job

Highly pigmented. Highly visible.

ProSolve hi vis paint is designed to produce high-quality fluorescent marks and lines on a range of surfaces. Perfect for marking floors, walls, signs and objects, this fluorescent spray paint can be used in forestry, site work, surveys and for a range of other applications where brighter fluorescent paint is required.

High Quality High Vis Paint

Professional hi vis marking paint

This high vis fluorescent marking paint is designed to produce the best paint marks and lines possible. A hard-wearing and highly visible marking paint, this fluorescent spray paint gives you sharp, bright lines and marks that won't simply wash away in the rain, and won't actually damage the surface that it is sprayed on. Hi vis fluorescent marker paint is available in a range of colours, for a variety of different applications - including white, yellow, red, orange, green, black, blue and pink.

Extremely Versatile Spray Paint

Use this fluorescent paint anywhere. For anything.

An extremely versatile marking spray paint, this fluorescent paint can be applied to a huge variety of surfaces. Simply by pressing the nozzle, you can make marks, lines, shapes, curves, patterns and signs on the ground, and spray stakes and fencing pins for surveys.

Sold in: 12 x 500ml Cans

Customer Product Reviews
  • High Viability

    Extremely high visibility, ive used the pink for a fund raising event and it looked great, you could see it a mile off which is what we needed, all our runners kept on track this year, many thanks

  • Hot Red

    Bought this for a project an the paint is very vibrant you just cant get these colours in standard paint, more than happy with the outcome, dryed very quickly too which was handy

  • Fluorescents

    Love this product, stays down very hard wearing,weather proof,eco friendly ...everything you need and the colours look WOW once dried

  • Art project

    I used this for an art project; the yellow was very bright and clear even from a distance.

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