Prosolve Stencil Spray Paint

12 x 400ml (7 Colours)
£70.68 (inc VAT)
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  • High-Quality Stencil Spray Paint
  • 12 x 400ml Cans
  • Bright, Highly Visible Colours
  • Long-Lasting Finish
  • Versatile Use
  • Perfect For Indoor And Outdoor Surfaces
  • Available in a Range of Colours


Prosolve Stencil Spray Paint

Spot & line marking aerosol

Prosolve 400ml stencil spray paint is specifically designed for stencilling highly visible signs quickly and easily. It is ideal for marking a range of indoor and outdoor surfaces, and you can use it for the DIY marking of car parks, factories, warehouses, building sites, playgrounds, storage crates, and much more. This aerosol marking paint is easy to use and is designed to spray consistently from different positions.

This stencil spray marking paint produces bold and bright markings. You can apply it freehand, using stencils, or even with handheld applicators. This spray paint is long-lasting and hard-wearing, and your markings will not wash away with the weather or fade due to wear, and they will not damage surfaces. It is perfect for painting guides and instructions, such as arrows, signs, numbers, letters, shapes, and marking areas for queue management or social distancing.

Prosolve stencil spray paint is a highly versatile line marking paint, as it can be applied effectively to a range of materials, including wood, metal, glass, plastics and ceramics. You can mark anything, anywhere. This spray paint is available in vibrant colours, including white, yellow, red, orange, green, black, and blue. The high paint solid content means that your markings are crisper and lasts longer than when using standard spray paints.


Customer Product Reviews

  • Stencil paint

    I bought this with A-Z and 0-9 6 inch stencils
    its worked well and had no over spray when i lifted the stencils up.
    the stencils cleaned up well and the paint has stayed down well upto now

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