ProSolve Walking Man Stencil | Re-usable

£26.95 (ex VAT)

- Reusable 24" Stencil (400 x 600mm)
- Perfect for Car Parks, Warehouses, Factories and More
- Durable and Hardwearing
- Indoor or Outdoor Use

Walking Man Stencil Sizes: 24" 36"

ProSolve Walking Man Stencil

These stencils allow you to create large, highly visible, professional standard stencil markings quickly and easily.

These are durable stencils capable of being used repeatedly, so they are very cost effective for larger projects.

Perfect for use in car parks, warehouses and factories, these stencils are very easy to use. Simply apply the stencils to the surface, apply one of our line marking spray paints (freehand) and peel the stencils away to reveal a clear, crisp sign.

Stencil Size: 24" (400 x 600mm)

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