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Disabled Parking Bay Stencil - 24"

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- Reusable 24" Stencil
- Designed to Mark Areas Reserved for the Disabled.
- Durable and Hardwearing


Our 24” disable stencil kits allow you to create large, clear, professional standard disabled logo signs, using our range of line marking spray paints.

These disabled logo stencils provide a quick and easy way of marking out disabled car parking bays, access areas, ramps and much more. These stencils are extremely cost effective for larger projects, as their durable & hard-wearing design allows them to be used over and over again.

To create a disable sign using our 24” disable stencil kits, simply apply a stencil to the surface, eg. a car park bay, and spray one of our line marking paints over the stencil (freehand). When you peel the stencil away, a clear, highly visible disable sign will have been created.


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  • Stencil

    This stencil was very easy to use, ordered some paint to go with this and it was long lasting and hasn't even cracked yet. The stencil was durable and i have now used it multiple times.

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