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6in Straight Arrow Stencil

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- Reusable 6" Stencil
- Designed to Mark Traffic Flows, Walkways and More
- Durable and Hardwearing
- Indoor or Outdoor Use

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This 6" straight arrow stencil is manufactured from 250 micron double polyester film. It is laser cut for accuracy and it has a transparent, anti-reflection, abrasive free surface. The stencil can be used indoors or outdoors, with a range of different paints, in order to mark out traffic flows, walkways, and to maintain social distancing. The arrow stencil allows you to create clear and highly visible signage in car parks, schools, workplaces, warehouses, industrial sites and much more. If properly cared for and cleaned, the stencil can be re-used any number of times, making it extremely economical.

You can use Prosolve Stencil Spray Paint, Prosolve Hi-Vis Marker Paint, or a range of other marking paints, with this stencil in order to mark highly visible arrows on floors. We also have straight arrow stencils in a range of other sizes and 90° arrow stencils available.


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