Disabled Parking Bay Stencil - 12"

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- Reusable 12" Stencil
- Designed to Mark Areas Reserved for the Disabled.
- Durable and Hardwearing

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Our 12” disabled stencil kits allow you to create large, clear, professional standard disabled logo signs, using our range of line marking spray paints.

These disabled logo stencils provide a quick and easy way of marking out disabled car parking bays, access area, and ramps; they are extremely cost-effective for larger projects, as their durable & hard-wearing design allows them to be used over and over again.

To create a disabled sign using our 12” disable stencil kits, simply apply a stencil to the surface, eg. Car park bay, spray one of our line marking paints over the stencil (freehand), and when you peel the stencil away, a clear, highly visible disable sign will have been created.


Customer Product Reviews

  • Stencil

    Yeah good stencil, strong enough, cut well unlike others ive used, made a nice symbol on the floor,used with the 750ml marker also from here had great results

  • symbol

    Reasonable price, and delivered quick, worked well, 12 inch is a good size for this symbol, stands out well on the tarmac

  • New Design

    At last !! the new design stencil, thanks for letting me know it was now available, im going to order this now

  • Disabled Stencil

    Good Design, much better than using two separate stencils
    Strong material and flexible seem totally reusable for next time, paint wiped off easy too

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