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Spectrum ViaLine F210 Solvent Based Acrylic Line Marking Paint

20 Litres (6 Colours)
£216.00 (inc VAT)
Special Offer

  • High Quality Solvent Based Paint
  • Quick Drying
  • Resealable Tin
  • Toluene Free
  • High Solids For Excellent Opacity
  • Year-Round Application
  • EnviraPac Liner For Recyclable Tin
  • Primer For MMA-Based Products
  • 1.4-1.8m² Coverage Per Litre
  • Ideal For Roads, Car Parks, Docks & More

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Great Coverage: The Spectrum ViaLine F210 Solvent Based Acrylic Line Marking Paint offers 1.4m² to 1.8m² of coverage per 1 litre.

Choice Of Colours: There are six colour options available to suit all applications and preferences.

Superior Durability: With an advanced solvent-based acrylic formula, the Spectrum line marking paint is engineered to resist fading, cracking, and peeling. It provides exceptional adhesion, allowing the lines to maintain their integrity even under heavy traffic and harsh weather conditions.

Quick Drying: Thanks to its fast-drying properties, the ViaLine F210 paint reduces downtime and allows for efficient line marking operations. It minimises disruption to traffic or activities in the marked areas, enabling a rapid return to normal usage.

Versatile Applications: The ViaLine F210 is suitable for a wide range of applications. It is perfect for roads, highways, car parks, airports, warehouses, distribution centres and docks.

Easy Application: The paint can be easily applied with airless spray equipment for the best results. It can also be conveniently applied using a brush or a roller. However, the product may need to be thinned for brush or roller application.

Resealable Tin: The paint comes in a resealable tin, which allows for easy storage and reuse. This feature also helps to prevent the paint from drying out and becoming unusable. 

Eco-Friendly & Waste-Reduction: The F210 paint is toluene-free, making it environmentally friendly and safer. Packaged in the innovative EnviraPac liner system, it maximises product usage, reduces waste costs and allows for the recycling of clean metal tins.

Excellent Opacity: The paint also boasts excellent opacity, providing full coverage with fewer coats and reducing the overall amount of paint needed for a project. This not only saves time and money but also reduces the environmental impact of excess paint production and disposal. 

Primer Possibility: It can be used as a primer for MMA based products, which makes it a versatile product that can be used in a variety of applications. 

Year-Round Application: This versatile paint can be easily sprayed in all temperatures, simplifying the line marking process regardless of weather conditions.


Spectrum ViaLine F210 Solvent Based Acrylic Line Marking Paint

An eco-friendly paint that offers clear lines and uncompromising durability

Experience great coverage with the Spectrum ViaLine F210 Solvent Based Acrylic Line Marking Paint. This high-quality paint offers impressive coverage, ranging from 1.4m² to 1.8m² per 1 litre. With such efficient coverage, you can mark more lines with less paint, saving both time and resources on your line marking projects.  

Versatility is a key advantage of the Spectrum ViaLine F210 paint. It is suitable for a wide range of applications, including roads, highways, car parks, airports, warehouses, distribution centres, and docks. No matter where you need clear and well-defined lines, this paint delivers exceptional results, ensuring visibility and organization.

Customising your line markings is easy with the Spectrum ViaLine F210 paint. With six colour options available, you have the freedom to choose the perfect shade for your specific application or personal preference. Whether you need standard road marking colours or vibrant options for docks, this paint has you covered.

When it comes to durability, the Spectrum ViaLine F210 paint truly excels. Its advanced solvent-based acrylic formula ensures superior resistance against fading, cracking, and peeling. No matter the conditions, this paint maintains its integrity, delivering long-lasting, clear lines. With exceptional adhesion, it can withstand heavy traffic and harsh weather, providing reliable markings that stand the test of time. 

Thanks to its fast-drying properties, you can minimise downtime during line marking operations. This fast-drying paint reduces the disruption to traffic or activities in the marked areas, allowing for a swift return to normal usage without sacrificing quality.

The Spectrum ViaLine F210 paint offers not only superior performance but also practicality in its packaging. It comes in a resealable tin, allowing for easy storage and reuse. This feature not only prevents the paint from drying out but also contributes to waste reduction. With this eco-friendly packaging solution, you can maximise product usage and minimise unnecessary waste, aligning with sustainable practices. 

The F210 paint is free of toluene, ensuring its eco-friendliness and safety for users. Achieve optimal results by easily applying the paint with airless spray equipment. Additionally, it offers convenience as it can be applied using a brush or roller, although thinning may be required for these methods. Furthermore, its versatility shines through, as it can serve as a primer for MMA based products, expanding its application possibilities across various projects and industries. 

To ensure optimal results, avoid applying the paint in the following conditions: when the air or surface temperature is below 5°C or less than 3°C above the dew point, as this can affect the curing process. Additionally, refrain from applying the paint when there is imminent rain, mist, fog, or snow, or when humidity levels are high. It is important to avoid applying the paint to surfaces that are wet with condensation or likely to become wet during the drying period.


Touch dry: 5 minutes @ 150C
Walk on time: 10 minutes @ 150C
Traffic time: 20 minutes @ 150C
Full cure: 60 minutes @ 150C
Recoat: 1 - 2 hours @ 150C

Practical Coverage:
1.4 - 1.8m2 per kg, depending on substrate
DFT: 250 microns
WFT: 315 microns
Voc Levels:
White: 378 grams/litre
Yellow: 418 grams/litre
Green: 410 grams/litre
All below apply when reflective beads are correctly applied:
Day visibility: 142 mcd.m-2.lx-1 (Q2) Very good whiteness
Night visibility: 179 mcd.m-2.lx-1 (R3)
SRV (wet): 46 minimum (S1)
Durability: Certified to 1,000,000 (P5) wheel passes, 200,000 (P3) with no beads

Aftercare And Maintenance:
Use Meon UltraClean X792 to clean uncured ViaLine F210 from tools and equipment.
Lines can be maintained by cleaning with clean water or mild detergent solution

Storage Conditions:
Storage area should be dry, protected from direct sunlight and extremes of temperature - i.e. between 50C and 200C.
Shelf Life:
6 months when stored under cover, in original unopened containers, in accordance with Storage Condition guidelines listed above.
Sizes Available:
Supplied in 20kg tins


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