LineMark Duraline Concentrate Grass Line Marking Paint

10 Litres (White)
£26.22 (inc VAT)
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  • High Quality Pitch Marking Paint
  • Formulated For Use On Grass
  • Bright White Lines
  • Dilute To Suit Application
  • Great Weather Resistance
  • Sold in 10 Litres Containers
  • Ideal For Football Pitches, Rugby, Tennis Courts & More

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Linemark Duraline Pitch Marking Paint

Dilute with water to suit your requirements

LineMark Duraline Concentrate is a white line marking paint designed to be diluted with water. Once mixed and placed on an iGO line marking spray or wheel applicator machine, it can be used for marking out football pitches, tennis courts, running tracks, rugby pitches and more on grass surfaces. It produces bright white lines and its high pigment content ensures excellent water resistance.

Available in 10 litre containers, this dilutable concentrate pitch marking paint is a high quality solution with brilliant bright results. It can be mixed with water at a dilution ratio of 3:1 for initial pitch marking and at a ratio of 7:1 for over marking throughout the season. These dilutions can be altered to your requirements depending on the ground and weather conditions. This line marker paint offers excellent value for money. It goes much further than similar competitor paints and produces the fantastic results expected from an industry standard line marking product.

Please note: For best results, shake the container of paint before use.

Container Size: 10 litres

Colour: White


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