Zebra Line Marking Paint

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Zebra line marking paints are bright, colourful and durable line marking paints, designed for application with a Zebra line marking machine, brush or roller. Their range includes hard surface paint for concrete, tarmac, wood and more, as well as grass paint and artificial grass paint for 3G, Astro Turf and other synthetic pitch surfaces. They also offer a temporary paint for use on any of these surfaces. These paints are available in a wide range of colours and they are packed with pigment, for bright and colourful lines.


Zebra Line Marking Paint

Bright, colourful & durable lines on any surface

Zebra line marking paints are high quality, professional standard paints for line marking car parks, industrial floor lines, road lines, sports pitches & courts and much more. Zebra paints can be applied using a Zebra line marking machine or using a brush or roller.

Zebra Hard Surface Line Marking Paint: A water & acrylic based paint, ideal for indoor or outdoor use. It can be used on concrete, tarmac & asphalt to mark out car park lines, warehouse floor lines, road lines and sports pitch lines on hard courts and all-weather pitches.

Zebra Grass Line Marking Paint: A professional standard pitch line marking paint for grass surfaces. It offers bright, colourful and durable lines in a range of colours.

Zebra Artificial Grass Line Marking Paint: A high quality line marker, specially formulated for use on artificial grass surfaces such as Astro Turf & 3G. It produces bright, colourful and durable lines, with excellent adhesion to the artificial leaf and strong water repellence.

Zebra Temporary Line Marking Paint Concentrate: A bright and colourful temporary paint, designed to be diluted with water. It offers bright and colourful lines which can be washed away with a brush and water or pressure washer when needed. Ideal for use on hard surfaces, grass or artificial pitches.

We also have a range of Zebra line marking paint bundles available, which offer bulk quantities of paint along with 10L Flush Thru cleaning solution for Zebra line marking machines at a discounted price. Ideal for users with a Zebra line marker looking for a refill of paint.