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Zebra Temporary Line Marking Paint Bundle

40L Temporary Paint & 10L Flush Thru
£270.00 (inc VAT)
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  • 4 X 10L Zebra Temporary Surface Line Marking Paint
  • 10L Flush Thru Solution
  • Great Value Package Deal
  • For Zebra Line Marking Machines
  • Temporary & easy to wash away after use
  • For hard surfaces, grass & artificial grass
  • Ideal for events, sports clubs & schools

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The Zebra Temporary Line Marking Paint Bundle offers great value for money for anyone needing bright and sharp temporary line marking paint for a range of different surfaces, including hard surfaces such as concrete and tarmac, grass and artificial turf.
This temporary line marking deal features 4x 10L Zebra Temporary Surface Line Marking Paint, which can be diluted with water and has been designed for use with a Zebra line marking machine for an event or another short-term purpose. Available in a range of colours, this temporary line paint can then easily be removed using a pressure washer or a brush and cleaning solution.
Another use for this great cost-effective paint package is marking out temporary car parks, running tracks, hard sports courts and more. It can also be applied to temporary sports pitches on grass fields and artificial grass surfaces such as synthetic turf, astro turf, 3G, 4G and 5G.
Included in the artificial line marking paint deal is 1 x 10L Zebra Flush Thru, which is a specially formulated biodegradable cleaning solution designed for cleaning out Zebra line marking machine pump systems, nozzles and filters.
Flush Thru must be used at the end of every line marking job to prevent blockages and ensure years of reliable service from your Zebra line marking machine.

What's In The Box

4 x 10L Zebra Temporary Surface Line Marking Paint
1 x 10L Flush Thru


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