FlexiStripe Floor Marking Tape Letters - Glow in the Dark

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- Quick to Apply by Hand, Instantly Effective
Durable and Hard-Wearing
- Highly Visible and Bright
- Can be Easily Removed Without Damaging the Floor


FlexiStripe glow in the dark floor marking tape letters are available in a variety of sizes. Allowing you to create markers for designated areas.

FlexiStripe glow in the dark floor marking tape shapes. Photoluminescent (glow in the dark) is just as tough, effective and as easy to apply as our standard coloured FlexiStripe Line Marking Tapes.

These floor marking tape shapes are self-adhesive, tough and robust PVC vinyl material, offering an ideal solution for marking out a warehouse and factory floors, depots, bays, aisles and other areas of extensive foot traffic or motor traffic.

FlexiStripe shapes consummate the floor marking system, providing corners, lettering and numbers, offering a cost-effective and time-preserving alternative to using resin and paint with NO MESS! Helping companies achieve 5S optimisation - a system for organising spaces so work can be performed efficiently, efficaciously, and safely.

Features & Benefits of FlexiStripe shapes:

  • Durable PVC vinyl – unlike other floor marking tapes on the market.
  • No preparation is necessary – Simply PEEL AND STICK!
  • No mess, no drying times and instantly effective.
  • Easy application by hand.
  • Available in a wide range of shapes, lettering, and numbers.
  • Colours do not mark or fade if scratched.
  • FlexiStripe floor marking tape shapes offers a super simple application and instant usability.


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  • FlexiStripe Glow

    Great product

  • Glow up Letters

    Work really well, easy to apply and good quality - happy customer

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