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FlexiStripe Line Marking Tape

30m Rolls (8 Colours)
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  • Thick & Durable Line Marking Tape
  • Made From PVC Vinyl
  • 30m Long Rolls
  • Self Adhesive
  • Easy To Apply
  • Bevelled Edges
  • Range of Colours & Sizes
  • Ideal For Warehouses, Factories & More
  • Embossed (E) or Smooth (S) Finish Available

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FlexiStripe Floor Line Marking Tape

Mess-free alternative to resin & floor paint

FlexiStripe Line Marking Tape is a hard-wearing, mess-free alternative to resin and floor paint. Made from tough PVC vinyl, this quality floor marking tape is thicker and more resilient than most other tapes. It is ideal for marking out lines on industrial floors, for example in workshops and warehouses. It can be used to mark out pallet bays, walkways, loading areas and more.

Bevelled edges mean that the tape is less susceptible to scuffs, scratches and chipping, so your lines remain cleaner, stronger and more visible for longer. If damage does occur, sections of Flexistripe are easy to remove and replace.

Perfect for any flat and smooth hard floor surfaces, Flexistripe line marking tape is self-adhesive and applied by hand. This is a cost-effective, easy-to-apply and reliable floor marking solution as it does not need expensive equipment, machinery and professional experience to put in place. Flexistripe floor marking tape is a fantastic line marking solution with no mess and no drying times.

Flexistripe is an extremely versatile line marking tape ideal for a range of industrial floors such as warehouses, factories, production lines, show rooms, stock rooms and more. This floor marking tape is available in yellow, fluorescent yellow, white, red, blue, green, black and orange. You can choose between a smooth finish or embossed finish and a range of roll sizes.

We also have available a range of Flexistripe corner sections, T-junctions, pallet marking shapes, arrows, footprints and bootprints. So whether you need to mark around corners, mark out pallet storage areas or safely mark out walkways, we can provide you with all of the extra floor marking tape shapes that you need.

PLEASE NOTE: Most colours are available with either an (E) = Embossed surface or (S) = Smooth surface.


Customer Product Reviews

  • Flexi Stripe

    We took a punt on this and was very VERY surprised at the thickness and quality of the product, its hardly "tape" you're underselling it !!!
    I'll never use paint again!!! I've wasted hundreds of the years - thanks for the recommendation
    Mind Blown!!! Regards Thomas Dempsey

  • FlexiStripe Tape

    Outstanding !!!!

  • FlexiStripe Line Marking Tape

    Top brand, completed marking today of our food manufacturing warehouse
    We used the Smooth version rolls and marked 300+ meters with 90 degree corners - we used to use paint but never again, thanks for the insight
    Dave is Sales knows his stuff

  • Delivery

    Delivered next day, thanks for the Flexistripe trade gear, Holly xx

  • FlexiStripe line marking for the Warehouse

    These rolls are perfect.
    much better than the alternatives, Flexistripe just seems to last longer and look better
    the thickness is the winning factor imho, Ben

  • Line Marking?

    if you're looking to do indoor line marking dont waste your time with anything less than this !!

  • Tape

    The PCV marking tape is a nice upgrade to normal marking tapes
    the difference is night and day, if you need a tempory line just use the ebay marking tapes but if you need it to last for a long time and stay nice use FlexiStripe, it last for years and years and if you need to take it up, it just comes up !! no hours and hour and picking tape with your nails - Lee 14/06/2019

  • FlexiStripe

    Much better than Heskins, permaRoute, permaStripe and watco

  • Line tape

    I prefer using tape rather than paint and this is an excellent product.

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