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FlexiStripe Pallet Line Marking Tapes

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FlexiStripe Pallet Line Marking Tapes

Designed to replicate line marking which is used to show pallet locations

Our range of Pallet marking tapes is a cost-effective alternative to other warehouse marking methods. 

FlexiStripe floor marking solutions offer, self-adhesive, pre-cut shapes for line marking, they are super easy to use... as easy as PEEL AND STICK avoiding any mess!

With our line marking tapes, you can create junctions and designated areas within warehouses, hospitals, garages, workshops and many more indoor and outdoor spaces. 

Features & Benefits of FlexiStripe Line Marking Tapes:

  • Durable PVC vinyl – unlike other floor marking tapes on the market.
  • No preparation is necessary – Simply PEEL AND STICK!
  • No mess, no drying times and instantly effective.
  • Easy application by hand.
  • Available in a wide range of shapes, lettering, and numbers.
  • Colours do not mark or fade if scratched.
  • FlexiStripe line marking tape shapes offers a super simple application and instant usability.


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  • Pallet marker tape

    5 STARS
    please contact me, we need more - Roger Dalton

  • next day delivery as promised-thanks

    next day delivery as promised-thanks

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