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Prosolve Prime & Seal - Industrial Floor Primer & Sealer

5 Litres
£45.00 (inc VAT)
Special Offer

  • Universal Floor Primer & Sealer
  • Sold In 5 Litre Tins
  • Hard Wearing & Durable
  • Solvent Free
  • Protects Industrial Floors
  • Prepares Floors For Painting
  • Ideal For Garages, Warehouses & More

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Prosolve Prime & Seal

A universal concrete floor primer & sealer

Prosolve Prime & Seal is a high quality floor primer and sealer, designed to coat, seal, prime and protect concrete floor surfaces in demanding industrial and commercial spaces. This universal floor primer and floor sealer absorbs into the concrete floor, protecting the surface and preventing the ingress of liquid and dust. It leaves the perfect surface for a coat of floor paint. It can also be used on brick, plaster and screeded surfaces to protect and ease cleaning.

Protects Industrial Floors

Perfect for warehouses, garages, workshops & more

This industrial floor primer and floor sealer is ideal for use on a range of different industrial floors. It provides the perfect base layer for garage floors, warehouse floors, workshop floors and much more. It is solvent free and almost completely odour free. It dries with a flat and opaque finish.

Perfect Preparation For Floor Paint

Provides the perfect surface for floor paint application

Prosolve Prime & Seal absorbs into the concrete floor, bonds to the surface and creates the ideal floor surface for a coating of Prosolve Industrial Floor Paint. Using Prime & Seal to prepare the floor prior to painting ensures the best quality, long-lasting finish.

Easy To Apply

Simply use a brush or roller

You can simply use a soft broom, brush or roller to apply Prosolve Prime & Seal to a floor surface. One 5 litre tin covers around 5 square metres per coat. (Coverage may be less than stated if the concrete floor is particularly porous).

For Best Results: Clean the floor thoroughly before application. Following application, paint the floor using Prosolve Industrial Floor Paint for the highest quality, durable and long-lasting finish.


Customer Product Reviews

  • Did a good job

    Went down really easy and was a good base layer for the Prosolve floor paint

  • Good quality and price

    Cant complain, good stuff and good price.

  • Exactly what we needed for the workshop

    Good advice form the sales guy, thanks. The Prosovle primer and sealer had good coverage and it was just the sort of thing I was looking for to prepare our new workshop floor.

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