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Sherwin-Williams Floorcoating Elladur SF

5 Kilograms (9 Colours)
£267.90 (inc VAT)
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  • High-Build Polyaspartic Floor Coating
  • 5kg Containers
  • Two Pack
  • Fast Curing
  • UV Stable
  • Colour Range Available

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Sherwin-Williams Floorcoating Elladur SF

Bold, high-build surface paint

Elladur™ SF is a coloured high-build, Polyaspartic/Polyurea type fast-cure floor coating system based on advanced materials, designed to provide a tough and durable gloss finish in a variety of thicknesses. Elladur™ SF is light stable with good chemical resistance which can be applied to a variety of finishes and surfaces. Decorative and anti-slip finishes can also be created incorporating suitable flakes and aggregates.


  • Fast curing at low temperature
  • High build
  • Tough but flexible
  • UV stable
  • Ease of application
  • Excellent high gloss finish
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Solvent-free

Recommended Use

  • Where high build UV stable coatings are required
  • Areas where a fast return to service is required
  • Medical, Commercial and Industrial Floor areas
  • Decorative floors
  • Excellent for all demarcation and walkways

Surface Preparation

New Concrete Floors:

New concrete must be clean, sound, dry, fully cured and surface laitance removed by vacuum enclosed shot blasting or mechanical grinding, a minimum strength of 25N/mm² is required.
Existing Concrete Floors: Remove all dirt, oil, grease, old paint or any other surface contaminants by vacuum enclosed shot blasting, scarifying or mechanical grinding. Fats, oils or greases must be removed by mechanical means and detergent washing and making sure all residue of detergent is washed and removed by rinsing with clean water. Local repairs should be carried out using Resuscreed PA.

Existing Floors (previously coated):

All previous coatings and loose floor paints must be removed by mechanical preparation as described in the above section and primed as specified. If the old resin flooring cannot be removed then please consult with our technical team for advice on inter-coat adhesion and suitability, as it may not be compatible with the existing floor coating.
Where Elladur™ SF is applied to masonry/concrete surfaces, care must be taken to ensure that surface preparation is thorough but does not disfigure the surface.


Open and porous substrates may require priming with Resuseal WB, also Resuprime ST may be used as primer on the dry substrates only with less than 75% ERH reading. Elladur™ SF may be applied to an existing resin floor system where a primer is not required. When applied directly to porous substrates such as concrete the surface must be primed with Elladur™ SF to ensure good adhesion to the surface.
Where the Relative Humidity of a substrate exceeds 75% ERH please refer to the table below for the required number of coats to achieve proper moisture tolerance.

ERH% Required Coating Thickness
75-85 1 coat of Resuprime MVT at 200 µm per coat
85-92 2 coats of Resuprime MVT at 200 µm per coat
92-97 3 coats of Resuprime MVT at 200 µm per coat


Mixing: Mix the entire contents of the base with the hardener. If a separate mixing bucket is being used mix thoroughly ensuring all contents of both components are removed from the buckets supplied. Mix using a slow speed electric mixer for approximately two to three minutes until the two components are fully combined. The mixed unit should be applied immediately by roller, brush or squeegee with a consistent procedure. Floor areas should be cross rolled to ensure even application and to minimise roller marks.

It is important to ensure that the recoat times are observed, with a maximum recoat of 8 hrs measured at 20°C substrate temperature and 50% relative humidity. For other conditions please consult with our technical team. It is strongly recommended to apply a second coat as soon as the first coat has lost the tackiness to achieve maximum adhesion. If the maximum recoating interval is exceeded, then the surface must be prepared and roughened to ensure intercoat adhesion.

Application Conditions

The ambient temperatures of the areas should not be allowed to fall below 15°C throughout the application and the curing period, as this could have an adverse effect on the appearance and colour of the system. Surface temperature must be above 10°C. Where possible it is recommended that the application area is heated to a minimum temperature of 15°C ideally to allow the ambient and substrate temperature to stabilise prior to the installation.

Substrate Temperature: 2 - 30°C.

Relative Humidity up to 90%.

In case of application at a lower temperature, DO NOT store the material in cold conditions as it will affect the material viscosity and flow. Make sure materials are kept at specified storage condition prior to application.

Full product data sheets and safety data sheets are available on request.

Please note: Use brushes or rubber squeegee to spread the coating and then back roll it if required to achieve proper coverage rate.


Volume Solids: ~100%
VOC: Colours: Black, Flint, Salsa, Stirling, Savannah, White, Forest, Kingfisher, Tuscan Glade
Finish: Smooth gloss
Flash Point: N/A
Cleanser/Thinner: N/A
Pack Size: 5 kg
Mixing Ratio: 4.5 parts base to 1 part hardener by weight only
Pack Weights: 4.10kg base/0.90kg hardener
Mixed Density: Approximately 1.6 g/cm3
Shelf Life: 12 Months (Base & Hardener)
Storage: Keep out of direct sunlight. Store in a dry place, between 15°C – 30°C
Recommended Application Methods:
Brush, roller or squeegee
Application at 20°C
Recoating Intervals: 2 – 3 hours or once the surface has lost
Light Traffic: 4 – 5 hours
Full Traffic: 8 – 10 hours
Full Chemical Cure 7 days
Pot Life: 25 – 30 minutes from mixing, based
on 5 kg pack size
The pot life may be shorter for larger pack sizes if the paint is not used within the pot life limit.
Note: All mixed paint must be used within the pot lifetime limit, if the paint is left in the container after mixing and not used, it may release hazardous fumes due to exothermic reaction.
Coverage Rate: 5 kg will cover 20 m² @ 150 µm WFT
Coverage rate is calculated based on a sealed and smooth surface and may vary based on the substrate roughness and other conditions.
System Thickness: 150 – 500 µm (Recommended)
The suggested thickness range is calculated based on average volume solid as a general recommendation for the specified condition and for each application may vary

FeRFA Category: Category 2
Temperature Resistance: Tolerant of temperatures up to 60°c
Abrasion Resistance:
(ASTM D4060) 75mg loss per 1000 cycles
Bond Strength:
(BS EN 13892-8:2002) >3 N/mm2
Impact Resistance:
(BS EN 1504-2:2004) Class II
Flexural Strength:
(ISO 178:2010) 20.1 N/mm2
Tensile Strength:
(BS EN ISO 527-2:2012) 21 MPa
Reaction to Fire:
(EN 13501:2018) Bfl-s1


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