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Spectrum UniPrime X450 FP Concrete Primer

14 Litres
£171.00 (inc VAT)
Special Offer

  • Clear Primer For Cementitious Surfaces
  • Easy Application
  • Fast Drying
  • Minimum Recoat Time
  • Clear Finish Without An Unsightly Effect
  • Dries At Lower Temperatures (5°C)
  • 13-15m² Coverage Per Litre
  • EnviraPac Liner For Recyclable Tin
  • Ideal For Thermoplastic / Epoxy Paints

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Great Coverage: The Spectrum UniPrime X450 FP Concrete Primer offers 13m² to 15m² of coverage per 1 litre.

Easy Application: The X450 FP primer is simple to apply by hand with rollers or brushes or efficiently sprayed using airless spray equipment. This allows for rapid and precise application without the excessive overspray commonly associated with lower-quality products.

Quick Drying: The UniPrime X450 FP has a fast-drying formula, allowing for efficient application and reducing downtime. The feature saves time during construction or renovation projects, as it minimises the amount of time needed before overcoating. 

Eco-Friendly & Waste-Reduction: Packaged in the innovative EnviraPac liner system, the primer maximises product usage, reduces waste costs and allows for the recycling of clean metal tins.

Clear Finish: The primer seamlessly blends with the natural colour of the concrete and eliminates the unsightly appearance of a black tack coat on concrete surfaces. You can enjoy a smooth, aesthetically pleasing surface that enhances the overall look and feel of your concrete project.

Low Temperature Drying: The UniPrime primer offers the advantage of drying at temperatures as low as 5°C, allowing for extended working seasons. Even in colder conditions, this primer efficiently dries, enabling you to continue your concrete projects without being limited by temperature constraints.

Thermoplastic / Epoxy Paints Compatibility: It is specifically formulated to be compatible with thermoplastic screed as well as solvent-based epoxies and acrylics. It is an ideal primer for preparing concrete and cementitious surfaces before the application of these coatings. It ensures a strong bond and enhances the performance of these coatings on concrete finishes, blocks, and pavers.


Spectrum UniPrime X450 FP Concrete Primer

A reliable primer that delivers superior results & enhances efficiency

The Spectrum UniPrime X450 FP Concrete Primer is a versatile solution for your concrete surface preparation needs. This clear primer offers a range of features and benefits that ensure optimal results and efficiency in your construction or renovation projects. The UniPrime X450 FP provides an impressive coverage of 13m² to 15m² per 1 litre of product. This means you can cover a larger surface area with less material, saving you time and costs. 

The UniPrime X450 FP is tailor-made for compatibility with thermoplastic screed, solvent-based epoxies, and acrylics. This specially designed primer serves as an excellent preparatory agent for concrete and cementitious surfaces prior to the application of these coatings. It establishes a robust bond and significantly improves the performance of these coatings on a diverse range of concrete finishes, blocks, and pavers. 

Application is a breeze with the X450 FP primer. Whether you prefer to apply it by hand using rollers or brushes or opt for airless spray equipment, the primer allows for easy and efficient application. You can avoid excessive overspray that is commonly associated with lower-quality products, as the X450 FP ensures precise application without waste. 

The clear finish of the UniPrime X450 FP effortlessly merges with the natural colour of the concrete, eliminating the unsightly appearance of a black tack coat. This results in a sleek and visually pleasing surface that elevates the overall aesthetic appeal of your concrete project. 

The UniPrime primer features a quick-drying formula. This fast-drying attribute enables efficient application and reduces downtime, minimising the waiting time before overcoating. You can make significant progress on your projects without unnecessary delays. Take advantage of the low temperature drying feature offered by the UniPrime X450 FP. With the ability to dry at temperatures as low as 5°C, you can extend your working season and continue your concrete projects even in colder conditions.  

As an eco-friendly product, it is packaged in the innovative EnviraPac liner system. This packaging solution maximises product usage, reduces waste costs, and allows for the recycling of clean metal tins. By choosing the X450 FP, you contribute to a more sustainable approach to construction practices.


Touch dry: 5 minutes @ 15°C
Walk on time: 10 minutes @ 15°C
Traffic time: 20 minutes @ 15°C
Recoat: 30-45 minutes @15°C

Typical Coverage:
Area: 13 - 15m² per kg
Linear: 100m of 150mm line per kg
Film Thickness: 10 microns DFT

Aftercare and Maintenance:
Uncured UniPrime X450 can be removed from tools and equipment using Meon UltraClean X792 or Meon UltraClean X795.

Storage And Packaging:
Storage Conditions:
The storage area should be dry, protected from direct sunlight and extremes of temperature - i.e. between 5°C and 20°C.
Shelf Life:
Minimum 12 months when stored under cover, in original unopened boxes, in accordance with the Storage Condition guidelines listed above.
Sizes Available:
Supplied in 4kg or 14kg tin


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