Weber CF1HD 350mm Wacker Plate

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- Great for Compaction Work on Patios, Terraces, Building Sites and More 
- Highly Maneuverable
- Lightweight yet Powerful
- Plate size: 730 x 450 mm
- Compaction force: 10kN
- Base Plate Size: 350mm

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Professional Wacker Plate

Ideal for construction, landscaping & more

The Weber CF1HD vibrating plate is ideal for industrial, commercial, and domestic ground compaction. These plate compactors can be vital for minor repairs or walkway and landscape development in tight areas - they are ideal for work on patios and terraces at home, on building sites, landscape gardening in public spaces, and more. This versatile wacker plate offers exceptional performance and can be used to compact sand, soil, bitumen, gravel, and other foundation and insulation materials to a professional level.

Tough & Robust Plate Compactor

Heavy duty vibrating plate & frame design

Designed for heavy-use with exceptional results, this hard-wearing vibrating plate produces a centrifugal force of 10kN - ideal for even the toughest jobs. Despite the impressive, high-performance core power, this wacker plate has a reduced operating weight of just 60kg. Combined with the compact base plate size of 350mm, this is the perfect piece of equipment for transporting between jobs and for compaction work in confined spaces. The guide bar is easy to manoeuvre and reduces hand/arm/wrist vibration to increase usability to up to eight hours. Discomfort and strain from prolonged use will not be an issue.

Practical & Convenient Wacker Plate

Ergonomic design for ease of use

This portable wacker plate is small enough for easy transportation in work vans and it even fits into some car boots. The specially designed handlebars are removeable and there are lifting handles so it is less awkward to carry and is space-saving during transit. You will not have to sacrifice carrying additional tools or make more than one trip as you will have more space than you would expect with this intuitively built piece of equipment.


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