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Weber CF2HD 450mm Wacker Plate Compactor

£1,339.27 (inc VAT)
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- Great for Compaction Work on Patios, Terraces, Building Sites, and More 
- Highly Maneuverable
- Lightweight yet Powerful
- Plate size: 730 x 450 mm
- Compaction force: 15kN

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CF2HD Weber Wacker Plate


The CF2 series of wacker plate compactors distinguish themselves by premium operating comfort, compact dimensions, and optimum running conditions.

They are ideally suited for compaction work in landscaping and repair work.


This professional, high-quality and robust wacker plate is affordable. The low-vibration guide bar reduces hand/wrist/arm vibrations to ensure maximum comfort for the user when in operation and allows for 8 hours per day operation.

The folding guide bar allows for easy transport even in the boot of a car, making this a convenient portable plate compactor.

Technical specification:

  • Type: CF2 Hd
  • Engine power output, max: 3.6kW (4.9HP)
  • Water tank and wheel kit - Optional extras
  • Operating weight: 83kg
  • Operating width: 45cm
  • Engine: Honda GX 160
  • Centrifugal force: 15kN


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