ProSolve Plasterboard Tape (24 Rolls)

£18.00 (ex VAT)

- High-Quality Self-Adhesive Scrim Tape
- Ideal for Reinforcing Plasterboard Joints and Repairing Cracks in Plasterboard.
- Long-Lasting and Effective Hold
- Pack of 24 Rolls

ProSolve Plasterboard Tape

Perfect for marking out, repairing and reinforcing plasterboard joints, edges, and damage including cracks.

This easy-to-tear, self-adhesive scrim tape features highly durable webbing that ensures a long-lasting and effective hold on the application area. Coming in packs of 24, and available in 20m and 90m lengths, this tape is ideal for a broad range of domestic, commercial and industrial tasks, and is particularly popular among plasters, painters and decorators, builders, construction workers, engineers, building inspectors and more.

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