Prosolve Heavy-Duty Steel Fencing Pins (10 Pack)

£19.65 (ex VAT)

- Helps Provide Tough Plastic Barrier Fencing When used With Prosolve Barrier Fencing
- Great for Cordoning off Areas Both Indoors and Outdoors.
-1200mm Pins
- Simple and Easy to Erect 
- Provides a High Visibility and Strong Barrier Fence

Pack Size: 10x 1200mm Fencing Pins

Manufactured from heavy grade steel with a looped end, our heavy-duty ProSolve™ Fencing Pins have been specially designed for use with the ProSolve™ Barrier Fencing Range. Sturdy and Robust, they can are built to weather the outdoor elements and are easy to use and set up with the Prosolve Barrier Fencing.

For more information on our Prosolve Fencing Pins, or any other product in our extensive range, contact our friendly experts on the hire team today. We sell high-quality fencing pins for a fraction of the cost of other suppliers.

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