Pro-Cote Tough Industrial Paint

12 x 500ml (11 Colours)
£51.30 (inc VAT)
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Tough Industrial Acrylic Pain
- Water-Resistant
- Versatile Use
- Great for Industrial, Engineering and Automotive Applications
- Available in a Range of Colours


Metals. Plastics. Wood.

Weather-resistant, tough acrylic paint

Our Pro-Cote Tough Industrial Acrylic Paint offers exceptional weatherproof paint coverage over a variety of different surfaces and primers, giving long-lasting and professional looking results. This permanent paint is highly popular for industrial engineering and automotive applications as well as for colour coding equipment, spot marking, paint touch-ups and for covering up galvanized surface that may have been broken by welding, cutting or grinding.

Range of striking colours

High pigmentation with premium quick dry formula

Available in a range of colours – including bright white, plant yellow, machine green, quick silver and jet black – this Pro-Cote acrylic paint gives a top-quality, glossy finish every time and offers high levels of pigmentation for the brightest paint possible. Starring a quick drying formula, this tough acrylic paint minimizes downtime and you can begin layering up or working around the application area in next to no time after spraying it down.

Versatile, long-lasting paint

Offers superior protection against the elements

These robust cans are highly versatile, and the paint spray can be directed accurately and concisely using the included spray nozzle top. This paint gives incredibly good adhesion to metals, plastics and wood which means it lasts much longer than standard, non-specialized spray paints as well as offering much better protection against the elements, chips, scratches and water incursion.

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