AddGards Handigard Safety Barriers - Black & Yellow - Set of 4

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  • Set of 4 Safety Barriers
  • Made From Durable Polyethylene
  • High Vis Design
  • Warning Sign
  • Black & Yellow Top Strip
  • Hinges For Linking
  • Optional Rubber Bases Available

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Set of 4 Barriers: Assemble around a hazard or erect in a straight line using optional rubber bases

Made From Durable Polyethylene: Capable of withstanding knocks and bumps on site

Highly Visbile Design: 80cm tall bright yellow barriers with warning sign and black & yellow top strip, making the hazard clear

Interlocking Design: Each barrier features hinges which allow them to be linked together to create a barrier as long as required

Ideal For All Kinds of Applications: Warn of spills, safety hazards, maintenance, cleaning and prevent unauthorised access


AddGards Handigard Safety Barriers

Set of 4 interlocking barriers with red & white reflective pattern

AddGards Handigard safety barriers are durable polyethylene interlocking barriers, designed for warning of spills, safety hazards, maintenance, cleaning and preventing unauthorised access.

This set features 4 Handigard barrier panels with snap on hinges which allow the panels to lock together. Each barrier has a highly visible yellow design, with a warning sign and a black and yellow top strip. Each barrier measures 80cm high, 1m wide and 3cm deep.

These safety barriers fold away easily for simple storage and they can be erected quickly in order to lock off access to areas and warn of hazards. The panels have a smooth finish for easy cleaning.

The barriers can be assembled around an area and they can support their own weight. The barriers can also be erected in a straight line, with optional rubber bases used to support them. (Bases available separately).

These safety barriers are designed to comply with BS7801:2011 safe working on escalators and moving walkways. They are suitable for use in line with HSE’s recommendations on avoiding slips and trips when cleaning.

Extra panels can be added to this set in order to create a barrier as large as required. (Pictured above).

Panel Dimensions (H x W x D) cm: 80x100x3 each.
Panel Weight: 2.5kg each.
No of Barriers in Set: 4.
Colour: Yellow.
Material: Polyethylene.
Lead Time: 5-7 working days.

What's In The Box

4 x AddGards Handigard Safety Barriers


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