6" Stencil Kit A-Z

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- Reusable 6" Stencils
- Perfect for Use in Factories, Warehouses and More
- Durable and Hardwearing

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Our 6” stencil kits, featuring letters A-Z, allow you to create clear, professional standard signs, using our range of line marking spray paints.

These stencils provide a quick and easy way of marking out signs. They are extremely cost effective for large projects, as their durable & hard-wearing design allows them to be used over and over again to create professional, high quality signs.

To create a sign using our 6” letter stencil kits, simply apply a stencil to the surface, spray one of our line marking paints, freehand, over the stencil, and peel it away to reveal a clear, highly visible sign.

These 6” letter stencil kits are ideal for use in factories and warehouses, for labelling product batches and areas, as well as a huge range of other applications.

These Stencil Kits are manufactured from 250 micron, durable polyester film.


Customer Product Reviews

  • Number/Letter Kits

    Simple but effective, beats using masking tape anyday ..much quicker
    worked well with the stencil spray paints
    delivered timely too (24 hours)

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