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2" Stencil Kit 0-9

£7.75 (inc VAT)
Special Offer

- Reusable 2" Stencils
- Perfect for Use in Factories, Warehouses and More
- Durable and Hardwearing

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These 2” number stencils allow you to create professional standard signs quickly and effortlessly. These number stencils can be used again and again to create clear number signs, so they are very cost effective for large projects.

To create a sign, simply apply a stencil to the surface, apply one of our line marking spray paints and peel off the stencil.

These stencils are ideal for use in factories and warehouses, for labelling product batches etc.

These Stencil Kits are manufactured from 250 micron, durable polyester film.


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  • "2" Stencil Kit 0-9"

    Purchased on a whim with the 750ml paint and hand applicator, im a nursery manager and together with staff we made a beautiful play area with the kids for them to learn the alphabet, its turned out great, thank you for all your help and advise, ask to speak to chris - valued member of the sales team !!

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"2" Stencil Kit 0-9"