Rocol Easyline Edge Line Marking Paint Aerosol

750ml (8 Colours)
£42.00 (inc VAT)

  • Epoxy Formula For Superior Wear Resistance
  • 750ml Spray Can
  • Various Colours Available
  • Lasts Twice as Long as Competitor
  • Easy-to-Apply & Touch Dry in 10 Minutes
  • 20% More Paint Content
  • Non-toxic. Non-harmful. Irritant-free
  • Consistent Superior Quality Lines

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Excludes Zebra Machines and Zebra Paint


Rocol Easyline Edge Line Marking Paint Aerosol

Long-lasting, durable line marking spray paint

Rocol Easyline Edge Line Marking Paint is versatile and suitable for coating a whole range of hard surfaces, such as stone, concrete, tarmac, and asphalt. This traffic grade line marking spray paint is ideal for marking roads, car parks, playgrounds, sports halls, industrial floors, and much more.

Rocol Easyline spray paint is economical and can last at least two times longer than its nearest competitor, with 20% more paint content per can than anything else on the market. The result is a longer-lasting finish that offers incredible robustness, durability, and high visibility and is less prone to needing maintenance or repainting. This spray paint is also more environmentally friendly than alternative aerosols, with a non-toxic, non-harmful, and irritant-free formula, with a low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's) content.

This spray paint is available in yellow, white, blue, green, green, black, hi-vis, orange, and grey. You can apply it easily freehand or by using the Rocol Easyline Edge Applicator or Rocol Easline Edge Handheld Applicator, making it ideal for stencilling, precise lines, and more. This line marking spray paint dries in just ten minutes and keeps mess and wastage to a minimum, reducing downtime. Rocol Easyline edge line marking paint also has a unique propellant system so that it produces consistent quality lines throughout the life of the can.

Stock Code: ROC47001
Manufacturer: ROCOL (ROC)
Shelf Life (Months): 24
Width: 67
Height: 335
Depth: 67
Manufacturer Code: 47001
Quality Assured (ISO9000): Y
Hazardous Material: 1950
Material Safety: 3152
Liquid: Y
Product Weight: 0.930kg

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