Thermoplastic Road Marking Kit

Tape, Primer & Gas Torch
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  • All-in-One Road Marking Kit
  • 50x 5m White Thermoplastic Tape
  • 10x 5m Yellow Thermoplastic Tape
  • 6x 750ml EasyTack Primer
  • Gas Torch
  • Quick & Easy To Use
  • Crisp, Bright & Durable Lines
  • Ideal for Car Parks, Roads, Playgrounds & More

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Excludes Zebra Machines and Zebra Paint

The complete thermoplastic line marking kit

Everything you need in one handy bundle!

Our Thermoplastic Road Marking Kit provides you with everything you need to start marking out car parks, paths, playgrounds and more, using thermoplastic line marking tape. In this kit, there is 1 x Box of EasyTack Primer (Box= 6x 750ml cans), 50 x Thermoplastic Tape (White), 10 x Thermoplastic Tape (Yellow) and 1x Gas Torch.

High quality, hard wearing lines

Clean. Crisp. Clear.

This Flexiline thermoplastic line marking system uses pre-formed lines, manufactured from modified BS3262 thermoplastic, which are fused to the concrete surface using the heat of a gas blow torch. This is an extremely easy to use line marking system which provides high quality, hard-wearing lines for car parks, walkways, cycle paths, playgrounds and more, in no time at all!

Flexiline thermoplastic line marking tape is 10cm wide, it is manufactured from modified BS3262 thermoplastic, it comes in 5m rolls and in this kit you get 50 x white rolls and 10 x yellow rolls.

Flexiline thermoplastic road marking tape is independently road tested in accordance to BSEN 1824, performance characteristics to BSEN 1463; and it fully complies with the Road and Streetworks Act 1991 code of practice for reinstatement. Quality is assured.

An easy to use line marking kit

No need to be be a line marking pro!

Our thermoplastic line marking kit is extremely easy to use. No need for a line marking professional, or any complicated equipment!

First, ensure that the concrete area is dry and clear of debris. Next, pre-treat the concrete area with the Flexiline Easytack Primer - this ensures optimum adhesion between the thermoplastic tape and the concrete. Then lay the thermoplastic tape over the surface and hold the gas blow torch (gas not included) 10-15cm away from the thermoplastic tape to apply the correct amount of heat to fuse the tape to the surface. Once you're finished, you'll have crisp, high quality lines for your car park, walkway, or playground!

Ready to use lines in no time!

One of the fastest line marking systems around

This thermoplastic line marking tape is dry to the touch just 10-15 minutes after application, and it is ready for use almost right away!

1 x Box of Easytack Primer (6 x 750ml Cans)
1 x Gas Torch
50 x Thermoplastic Tape (White - 100mm x 5000mm Rolls)
10 x Thermoplastic Tape (Yellow - 100mm x 5000mm Rolls)

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  • Line kit for thermoplastic marking

    finished the carpark this morning , cars were let on when the bell rang and ive just been out to check and its still spot on, really does adhere in 15mins, panic over, thanks for all the help.
    Bishops Primary

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