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Spectrum ThermaMark R110 Electric Car Logo - 100 x 100 cm


The product should not be trafficked until it has cooled to the temperature of the surface it is laid on.

Certification: Meets BS EN 1436 & 1871
Thickness: 2.6mm
Skid Resistance Value: BS EN 1436:2007 ANNEX D:51
Tensile Adhesion (0°C N/mm2): 1.59

Aftercare And Maintenance:
ThermaMark R100 can be maintained by cleaning with clean water or a mild detergent solution.

Storage And Packaging:
Storage Conditions:
Store packages flat and avoid impact. The storage area should be dry, protected from direct sunlight and extremes of temperature - i.e. between 50C & 200C.
Shelf Life:
Minimum 12 months when stored under cover, in original unopened boxes, in accordance with Storage Condition guidelines listed
100 x 100 cm


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"Spectrum ThermaMark R110 Preformed Thermoplastic Electric Car Logo - 100 x 100 cm"

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