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Sauber Chemicals High Level Disinfectant (5L)


  • High Level Disinfectant
  • Anti-Microbial & Cleaning
  • Conforms to EN1276
  • Kills 99.99% Of Bacteria
  • Suitable For All Surfaces
  • Ideal For Sanitising Workplaces
  • 5 Litre Container

Sauber Chemicals High Level Disinfectant

5 litre container for use with Sauber Chemicals sprayers & fogger machines

Sauber Chemicals High Level Disinfectant is an effective and efficient cleaning and sanitising solution.

It is suitable for cleaning all surfaces, and it can be used to sanitise workplaces, schools, restaurants, public spaces, vehicles and more.

Sauber Chemicals High Level Disinfectant is anti-microbial and kills 99.99% of bacteria. It conforms to EN1276 standards and enables you to clean whole areas quickly and thoroughly.

It is a professional level disinfectant that can be used by first-response sanitising contractors and individuals.

It is optimised for use with fogger machines, pressure sprayers, spray guns, and more, for efficient cleaning and all disinfecting requirements.

This 5 litre container is suitable for use with pump probes to feed sanitising equipment directly. It can also be used to fill up spray bottles and smaller containers.

We also have Sauber Chemicals High Level Disinfectant available in 20 litre containers.

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  • Good price!

    Prices on disinfectant and hand sanitiser have been all over the place - this one seems fairly prices. Thanks.

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