P.T.F.E Specialist Dry Film Lubricant Spray

12 x 500ml
£100.32 (inc VAT)
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- Specialist Dry Film Lubricant Spray 
- Suitable for Many Surfaces
- 12 X 400ml
- Smooth, Durable Finish
- Multi-Purpose

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Our sprayable P.T.F.E (Polytetrafluoroethylene) is a hydrophobic specialist dry film lubricant suitable for application to a broad range of surfaces.

Perhaps famous for being the non-stick element in the non-stick coating on pans and cookware, PTFE spray is unrivalled in its ability to provide a smooth, durable finish whilst at the same time as repelling moisture.

PTFE cans are particularly handy on surfaces and equipment where standard lubrication may be liable to transfer, dry out or come off or on surfaces where oil and grease may attract contaminants such as dirt or dust.

These cans are easy to use and are safe to store, with each box containing 12 handy 400ml cans making them great to have close at hand for a range of domestic, commercial and industrial purposes.

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