ProSolve Heavy Duty Grit Wipes

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- Specially Formulated to Clean Hands, Tools, and Surfaces Without the Need for Water.
- Great for Removing Ingrained Dirt, Grease and Grime
- Pack of 4 Buckets (150 Wipes per Bucket)

Quantity: 150

ProSolve Heavy Duty Grit Hand Wipes

Specially formulated to clean hands, tools and surfaces without the need for water.

These handy wipes are the ideal, quick solution to cleaning paint from products, hands and surfaces quickly, efficiently and effectively.  Unlike using harsh chemicals to remove paint from skin, these are perfect and super quick to use.

The abrasive wipes remove ingrained dirt, grease and grime rapidly.

ProSolve Paint removal hand wipes make it simple to remove paint from skin. Designed to be used directly on teh skin, they're a highly effective and simple way to clean your hands.

Qty: 150 Wipes 

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