ProSolve Beaded Hand Gel - Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner

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- Heavy-duty Hand Cleaner with Orange Microbeads Designed for Regular Use
- Remove Ingrained Grease and Dirt Quickly And Effectively.
- Industrial Sized Tubs.

ProSolve Beaded Hand Gel

Heavy duty hand cleaner available in 5L & 15L tubs

This beaded hand gel is a heavy duty hand cleaner based on natural citrus extracts, solvents and soaps, not harsh chemicals. It uses orange microbeads to remove ingrained dirt and grease from hands quickly and effectively. The milled polyethylene beads help to provide thorough yet gentle cleaning while emollients help to maintain the skin's natural oils and prevent hands from drying out. Prosolve beaded hand gel is ideal for use on construction sites, in factories, garages, workshops and other areas where hands can get very dirty with industrial grime and grease. This industrial hand cleaning gel helps to ensure quality of the finished work and maintains health and safety standards.

To use Prosolve hand cleaning beaded gel, apply a small quantity directly on to the hands. Rub it into the hands well, especially in areas of ingrained grime such as under finger nails. Then rinse off the gel with clean water and dry hands thoroughly. Please note that regular use of Prosolve Industrial Barrier Cream before starting work will help to protect hands from the harmful additives in oil and grease, and make cleaning easier once the job has been completed.

This heavy duty hand cleaner is available in 5L and 15L tubs. You can select the quantity you require using the drop down box above.

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