Fox Valley Super Striper Line Marking Machine

For Fox Valley Super Stripe Paint
£136.69 (inc VAT)
Special Offer

  • High Quality Aerosol Line Marking Machine
  • Designed for Use on Concrete & Asphalt
  • Robust 4 Wheel Design
  • Great for Car Parks, Warehouses & Factories
  • Creates Sharp, Well-Defined Lines
  • Durable and Reliable
  • For Use With Fox Valley Paint

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The easy to use line marking system

Insert the can. Pull the trigger. Stripe.

The Fox Valley Super Striper is designed for use by anyone – so you don't need a line marking professional. The Super Striper can be set up quickly and used to mark any hard surface easily. Just shake the can, insert it into the Super Striper line marking machine, pull the trigger and start walking. The Super Striper machine features a weighted front end and guide arrow, to help keep lines straight and accurate. The Super Striper also has can shakers built into the wheels, to shake the next can ready for use, as you stripe.

Fox Valley Lifetime Guarantee

Tough. Robust. Reliable.

Manufactured from specialist hi-impact plastic, the Fox Valley Super Striper is a solid and sturdy line marking machine. The line marking machine's solid design supports straight line marking, to give you the best aerosol line marking results on the market. The Fox Valley Super Striper line marking machine is supported by Fox Valley's lifetime guarantee. So if something does ever go wrong, your machine will be replaced, free of charge.

Huge range of applications

Stripe. Curve. Shape. Anywhere

The Fox Valley Super Striper line marking machine is designed for marking straight lines on hard surfaces. The width of the line produced by the line marking machine can be adjusted from 2.5” to 4.5”. This makes the Super Striper ideal for marking out car parks, warehouses, yellow lines and much more!

The Fox Valley Super Striper machine also has an amazingly versatile range of uses. Simply by removing the machines handle, you can line mark free-hand, to spray curves, lines, shapes and stencils! The handle can also be inserted into the side of the machine, making it much easier to spray lines right up to the curb, whilst maintaining a high quality line marking finish.


Customer Product Reviews

  • Fox Valley

    The original and the best in my opinion !

  • Super Striper

    Very good quality machine, seems very similar to the quality and finish of the sharpliner stuff so cant complain for this price, happy customer

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