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Clean & Shine Multi-Surface Polish

12 x 400ml
£30.10 (inc VAT)
Special Offer

- High-Quality  Multi-Surface Polish 
- Easy-to-Use
- 12 X 400ml
- Multi-Surface
Domestic, Commercial and Industrial Applications

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Clean & Shine multi-surface polish cleans marks, dirt and dust from a variety of surfaces including vinyl, wood, leather and marble leaving a brilliant shine.

Where most polishes will simply form a layer over the top of current surfaces, that can be tacky or greasy to touch, whereas Clean & Shine does what it says on the tin - it cleans at the same time as polishes making it great for dealing with smudges, fingerprints or other blemishes.

Available in boxes of 12 handy 400ml cans, you can find out more about Clean & Shine or any other product in our range contact the friendly experts on the sales team today.


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