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Ampere Long Lasting Forestry Marking Paint (Non Fluorescent)

12 x 500ml (8 Colours)
£75.60 (inc VAT)
Special Offer

  • High Quality Marking Spray Paint
  • Available in a Range of Bright Colours
  • Designed For Forestry Applications
  • Ideal For Marking Trees
  • Sold in Boxes of 12 x 500ml Cans
  • Apply By Hand
  • Can Be Used At Low Temperatures
  • Weatherproof Formula
  • Hi-Vis Fluorescent Version Available

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Ampere Long Lasting Forestry Marking Paint

Colourful aerosol marking paint for forests, surveys, construction & more

Ampere Long Lasting Forestry Marking Paint is a high quality colourful aerosol marking paint, designed for marking trees during forestry surveys. It can also be used for markings on construction sites, land surveys, sporting events and more.

This tree marking paint is applied by hand using the simple aerosol spray system. The cans allow both horizontal and head-up marking.

The aerosol spray paint comes in boxes of 12 x 500ml cans and it is available in a wide selection of colours. It is formulated to be used even at low temperatures and it is weather resistant.

We also have a fluorescent hi-vis version of this paint available - Ampere Fluorescent Forestry Marking Paint.


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