ROCOL SAFE STEP® Anti-Slip Sight Line Spray

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- Ideal for Steps and Staircases
- Highly Visible and Easy-to-Use
- Suitable for Indoor Or Outdoor Use
- Quick and Cost-Effective.

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Can Size: 400ml
Colour: Yellow

ROCOL SAFE STEP® Anti-Slip Sight Line Spray


Rocol Safe Step Anti-Slip Line Spray is a coloured anti-slip paint coating, designed for application to the leading edge of steps, to provide safer access to pedestrians using stairs.

Safe Step paint comes in 400ml cans, it is suitable for both interior and exterior use, and it can be applied to metal, wood, stone marble and more. This Anti-Slip paint is highly visible, easy to use and quick to apply; it is also DDA and Building Regulations compliant.

Each 400ml aerosol can covers up to 25 x 1m steps, at 55mm width; and it is touch dry in just 20 minutes.

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