ATAK Athletic Grass Line Marking Paint Applicator

£155.00 (ex VAT)

- Professional Grass Line Marking Paint Applicator
- Robust 10" Wheels for Smooth Marking Over Uneven Surfaces
- Great for Sports Pitches, Tracks and More
- Creates Sharp, Well-Defined Lines from 2" to 5" Wide
- Remains Visible for Up to 3 Weeks

Paint: ATAK Super Stripe 500ml Cans
Ideal For: Sports Pitches, Grass Courts, Running Tracks, Summer Events and Off-Road Surveying.

Market-leading line marking with ATAK

Perfect for running tracks, sports courts and pitches

For the sharpest, most professional looking lines on grass, including those on sports pitches, tennis courts and running tracks as well as for events, surveying and planning, the versatile and well-built ATAK Athletic Grass Line Marking Paint Applicator is ranked among the very best on the market today.

Designed with grass in mind

Robust chassis, deep-tread wheels, top build-quality

Thanks to it's robust, deep-tread four-wheel design, the Atak grass line marker machine has been designed with grass line marking in mind, and promises superior lines compared to generic two-wheeled applicators. For the longest-lasting, most highly-pigmented lines we recommend using this applicator alongside the ATAK Athletic Super Striper Line Marker paint, but this versatile unit is also compatible with several other brands of line marking paint.

Easy, safe and clean to use

Save hundreds compared to contract line markers

The Atak athletic line marking applicator is incredibly easy, safe and clean to use. Simply adjust the unit to the required line width, shake your can, insert it into the can housing, depress the applicator handle and walk forward to get bright and professional lines on your grass surface in next to no time. Using this line marking system gives you the freedom and flexibility to mark and re-mark when you need it, without the cost or hassle of booking contract line marking companies and because this applicator has a heavy-duty metal chassis and shell, you can enjoy top quality lines for years to come.


Expert sales team on hand to assist with your queries

For more information on our Atak Athletic Grass Line Marking Applicator machines or any other product in our extensive range of line marking equipment, contact our friendly experts on the sales team today.

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