ProSolve Heavy Duty Polypropylene Rope

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High quality, Robust, Polypropylene Rope.

ProSolve Rope is a 3-strand construction split film, twisted strong poly rope.

This rope is ideal for camping, perfect for a variety of uses including towing, mooring, barrier ropes, lorry ties, etc.
Polypropylene floats, so this makes it ideal as a cost-effective mooring line.
ProSolve polypropylene ropes are widely used in agricultural, building, domestic, industrial, leisure and transport applications.
Our blue polypropylene ropes are available in a range of lengths and thicknesses and will come in a hank, on a reel or coil depending on size.
This rope will not rot and is resistant to mildew and chemicals.
Available in a number of different sizes.
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ManufacturerBlue Diamond
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