Sauber Chemicals 15m Extension Hose & Connector

£68.22 (ex VAT)

  • Extension Hose & Connector
  • Enables A 30m Reach
  • Flexible & Durable
  • Rapid Deployment
  • Designed For Sauber Chemicals Sprayers
  • Ideal For Sanitising Large Areas

Sauber Chemicals 15m Extension Hose & Connector

Extend the reach of Sauber Chemicals Electric Disinfectant Sprayers

The Sauber Chemicals 15m Extension Hose and Connector are accessories for the Sauber Chemicals Disinfectant Sprayer that make it even more practical to use and increases its maximum reach.

The extension hose is flexible and durable. It is made from a textile braided material so that is easy to uncoil, quick to deploy, and can withstand the rigorous demands on-site.

This 15 metre extension connects to the standard hose - providing an incredible 30 metre reach from a stationary sprayer and fogger machine. 

It is ideal for sanitising large areas quickly, efficiently, and effectively as you can move through a space while spraying disinfectant, without having to relocate or carry the main sprayer unit as you work.

It is also perfect for rooms with high ceilings and awkward to reach spots.

The connector is a strong and robust bolt that easily screws into the hose and extension hose to create a tight and reliable seal. 

It is a small connection that does not impact the weight or flexibility of the hose when in use.

It can be quickly connected and removed for convenience and for safe storage.

Sauber Chemicals 15m Extension Hose & Connector

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