Sapphire Free-Hanging Protective Roller Blind

£256.50 (ex VAT)

  • 1524 x 1800mm Blind Kit
  • Wipe-Clean, Protective PVC Screen
  • Includes Countertop Brackets
  • Adjustable Length
  • Free-Hanging
  • Easy To Install
  • No Lasting Damage

Sapphire Free-Hanging Protective Roller Blind

Adjustable, protective PVC screens for frontline staff

Sapphire Free-Hanging Protective Roller Blinds are the ideal solution for protecting the frontline staff and communal office workers of every business.

They are convenient roller blinds that are quick and easy to install, that can be hung above desks, counters, tills, workbenches, and all other workstations.

The length of the blinds is adjustable, making them suitable for shops, post offices, receptions, information centres, depots, hospitality outlets and more.

They act as protective barriers that can help to encourage and maintain safe social distances, as well as shielding people from contacting water droplets and airborne particles, helping to prevent the spread of viruses and diseases.

These protective PVC roller blinds are clear, easy to clean, and do not require permanent installation. They can be removed or relocated when they are no longer needed, without leaving behind last damage.

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